I believe that we are all imperfectly perfect and want you to enjoy living in your body, and feel at home with yourself. To me this is about creating a body that is strong from the inside-out, one that is functional so that it can move with ease now and for the years to come. 

I don’t want exercise and movement to be simply one more thing on your do to list, and do not believe in wrenching your body into a shape that we have been told by magazine and fashion houses to be ideal. I don’t use terms like ‘weight loss’ or ‘no pain no gain’ and won’t market to you with 'Before and After' photos because I think you are pretty great just as you are right now.

I believe that health and movement is about balance. Some days I don’t exercise. Some days I do. Some days I eat sugar and drink wine. Some days I eat kale and drink green smoothies. I work everyday to embody my unique shape, curves and all, and, I want you to embody your unique shape too.

Life can be crazy and full of colour and I want to embrace it all - the bliss and the grit. So, you won’t find only positive intentions in my classes. I want to honour all of your life experiences - the joy, the laughter, but also the chaos and the vulnerability.

I wholeheartedly believe in what I do, and I know the movement practices that I offer work. They will honour the unique you. They will make you stronger. They will create more mobility in your body. They will challenge you. They will make you curious and they will support you in your ongoing movement journey by honouring your body and its incredible intelligence.