$80 per person for a 4 week course (max 14) at Urban Yoga, Level 3 160 Willis Street. Book via bookings@urbanyoga.co.nz

$95 per person for 3 people for 4 week course at in-home studio*

$140 per person for 2 people for 4 week course at in-home studio*


Pregnancy classes blend functional movement, RYC™ teachings, exercise and birth education in a comprehensive women’s health program to prepare your body and mind for labour.

Taken as a one-off course, or as a succession of courses throughout your pregnancy, you will learn tools to trust your body in labour, and enable you to be strong and confident in your recovery post-birth.Limited to 14 spaces, early registration is recommended to ensure you don’t miss out.

This four week program covers:

  • Birth physiology

  • Bodyweight, strength + core training

  • Breathing mechanics

  • Mind-body connection

  • Mindful breathing + pain relief techniques

  • Birth and pushing positions

  • Core and pelvic floor health

The birth education section of this program makes it more than just a yoga class, and the functional movement and mind-body techniques make it more than just a birth education class. We give equal focus to natural birth and caesareans (whether by choice, or by much-needed intervention). We know that births can have varying outcomes, and we want you to feel prepared for them all, to help you make the most of the beautiful transition from pregnancy to motherhood.

In addition to all of the above, you will be provided direct access to the program facilitator Shelley McCarten, who will make herself available for any questions that you have during and after the course, to help support you both in your pregnancy and postnatal recovery.

*In home studio is based in Alicetown, Lower Hutt. Please note all bookings for the course at Urban Yoga should be made through bookings@urbanyoga.co.nz. Any other enquires can be directed to me@shelleymccarten.com