$100 for a 60 minute class in external studio or your home. $360 for a four class pack.

$80 for a 60 minute class at in-home studio* or Skype. $280 for a four class pack. 


What you get:

  • A tailored movement session using sustainable, safe and super-effective techniques and exercises blending functional movement, RYC™ teachings, and birth education in a comprehensive women’s health program to prepare your body and mind for labour.

  • One-off private sessions will cover three movement goals that you wish to cover in the 60 minute period.

  • Four class private sessions will cover:

    • Birth physiology

    • Bodyweight, strength + core training

    • Breathing mechanics

    • Mind-body connection

    • Mindful breathing + pain relief techniques

    • Birth and pushing positions

    • Core and pelvic floor health

  • Follow-up videos that include corrective exercises and a home exercise plan for you to continue your practice.

*In-home studio is based in Alicetown, Lower Hutt