RYC™ 13-Week Support Programme:

What you get:

  • Lifetime access to the worldwide acclaimed RYC™ 13-Week programme as created by Lauren Ohayon (www.restoreyourcore.com) which includes; forever access to 12 Exercise Videos with detailed instruction; 24 Educational Videos explaining alignment and sequences for healthy spine and pelvis, optimal breath, ideal core engagement + more; 12 Instructional PDFs about diastasis recti, role of the Psoas, tips for all day movement + bonus videos, tutorials, tips and classes. 

  • Coupon code for $10 off the price of the RYC programme

  • 6 fortnightly 30minute Skype or Zoom support sessions with New Zealand’s only registered RYC™ teacher Shelley McCarten to keep you on track and help you troubleshoot areas where you might feel stuck.

Price is $187USD for the RYC™ programme (this includes $10USD  discount) + $180NZD for 6 bi-weekly 30minute Skype or Zoom sessions with Shelley McCarten (25% discount on regular sessions!). 

Please note: payment for RYC™ programme is to be made directly by client via www.restoreyourcore.com and you will be supplied a coupon code for the $10USD discount. Payment for support Zoom/Skype sessions is to be made directly to Shelley McCarten. 

Email me@shelleymccarten.com to book.